Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A New Addition

So one day I woke up and after doing my normal morning potty, I was halted by a pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter." Why is this out? ", I thought.
" Did you leave this out for a reason?" I texted to James... His response.. "YUP" .

He had mentioned the night before that he thought that I could be pregnant.
I was complaning that I was really achy and he noticed that I had been more moody.
( yeah whatever) ; ) And he's one of those guys at remember my last period... I didn't even remember my last period. ;)
Anyway, even though I had just gone to the bathroom I attempted to go again to take this test.
"Could I really be pregnant?" It would make sense... but really?"
These were the thoughts going through my head as I was waiting for the results. In the mean time Jacob is crawling around our bedroom playing.

So I waited....

Ok here comes the 1st line...

Oh my godness, really ?? Is that 2nd line coming through???
YUP it sure is.....

At that point my body got kind of numb and I really was in awe, shock, excited and emotional at the same time.
I walked over and pick Jacob up and cried,
" Jacob, You're going to be a big brother! "
.. happy tears of course.

My next thought was.. Yeah , I can now think of a cute way to tell James.
( Last time he was lying in bed after I took the test)
So I thought and thought and came up witht he idea that I would spell it out with Jacob's blocks.
When Daddy got home I said, "Jacob, let's go show daddy' what we made for him today in mommy's office."
Lying on the ground I had spelled out " I'm going to be a big Brother " in Blocks.

James was excited . Wow a Daddy of 2 children! Yippie!!

Later that day I went to the Dr and got the offical Blood test to show that I was pregnant!

Below is the first ultrasound of the baby.

I was 8 weeks 5 days in this picture.

I'm doing pretty good. I'm much more nauseous this time around. I haven't thrown up or anything I just feel it through out every day.
I eat little portions about every 2 hours. The first Trimester is over now and I'm feeling much beter. I went to the Dr. last week and I'm about 13 weeks pregnant. The due date is Jan 23 as for now. When I'm about 20 weeks they will able to get a more accurate date.
Because I had a c-section the first time I will have another. They will deliver at 39 weeks.
Wow , this time around will be so different. No house to pull wallpaper off the walls, paint, texture, paint, strip cabinets, paint and more paint before this baby comes. I can't wait to decorate the baby's room and get that all ready. The c-section will be scheduled and we will be able to plan more.. This will be so awesome and different!
We are super excited and can't wait to find out what we are having. YES we will find out and NO we are not keeping it a secret.... if you know us... we are pretty bad at keeping secrets!
Only 4 more weeks!

Please be praying for Baby #2.


The Derichsweilers said...

What an adorable way to tell James! I am so going to steal that idea with #3! :D Congrat's!

Karah said...

I'm so excited for you! Having babies close together is hard, but worth it!!! They will be best buds forever. :)