Monday, November 16, 2009

Time flys when you are having fun!!

It's been a while since I've posted a blog... After having a baby, everything seems to be a blur. : )
Where do i start? Well we went on our first little family vacation for James' b-day back in September. We went "glamping" ... what is that?? It's "glamorous camping". Its a hotel room set up in a Huge canvas tent. There is electricity, a heater, lights, fans, to queen begs night stand and even the towels and toil tries just like a normal hotel. We would definitely suggest it to anymore who likes to camp.. but not " rough it" The site is located in Goleta ,right next to Santa Barbara. The site has cabins as well but we chose to "rough" it in a tent.

Jacob didn't seem to mind the fact that we were roughing it and quickly found a spot to relax!

James LOVES these PJs... Too bad they only fit him for this weekend... AND now they are too small.
We went Glamping with the Sivey's and Grandma Debbie; here is Joni with Thing 1 & Thing 2 relaxing in the beautiful and HEATED pool... we are so roughing it now!
Grandma got some alone time with little Jakey; and mommy and daddy got some alone time to go to dinner for James' B-day.
Here is buddy sleeping with grandma, notice he is wrapped in high thread count Egyptian cotton towels... so roughing it! LOL

I started back to work in October; It was hard departing from my " lover boy" every morning but I must say that with all the help of our awesome baby sitters, it made it a little easier to say goodbye. (just a little) You all are such a blessing to us and we can't thank you enough for what you do for us.

Also in October, Jacob experienced the pain of 4 teeth coming in. Yes 4! OUCH!! ; ( We cannot leave the house without the trusty teething tablets and baby Teething gel!. Thanks Orajel !... you are a lifesaver!

Jacob is growing to be such a big boy. He was wearing 6 month old clothes at 3 months!..Now I know we can't always trust a size.. but geeze he's going to big & tall boy!... (well we all knew that).. it's all just happening way to fast! I keep thinking " how is it going to be when he's no longer breast feeding.. I'm going to miss that" . It's such a special bonding time with him and I know I'm going to miss that. There will be other ways to bond :)

Jacob is or happy little boy..James & I love to spend time with him and listen to him laugh, talk and even sing sometimes.. he's such a chatter box these days.. we just love it!

Visitors of our house will notice this is the Coveralls outfit that was hanging as decoration in Jacob's room... you know the outfit we thought he would wear at 9-12 months. Here he is at 3 1/2 months looking like an authentic mechanic... ready to help daddy fix up the hot rod! so CUTE. Thank Ro Ro!

This looks like a miniature James, wow the resemblance is uncanny.

As October came to an end , we decided to get him a costume.. I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween but we had to get him this costume when I saw it. We planned to take him to out church's Hallelujah night.. when the day came, mommy & daddy were just too exhausted. We still dressed him up and brought him over to G-ma Shoshi & papa ciff's house just to show them how cute he looked!

Jacob loves to swing in his swing and play with his toys but his new favorite toy is the "entertainment" center.. Just a week ago I brought out a new toy for him to play in. He was so excited to see something new. Looking around at all the things to push and spin had him entertained for a good ... 30 mins!

I can't believe that our precious little boy is 4 months old now. Where does the time go? He is eating baby food sitting in his BIG boy chair! :) His first bite of food was a little too much rice cereal.. We don't think he liked it very much...

After that torture we had to give him something more tasty.. good 'ole applesauce.

What's Up? How YOOOOU Doin?

Bathtime! Jacob is a huge fan of bathtime, James thinks its just cause he likes be "Naked Boy"; Mommy says its because she love baths...
FYI for reference this Jacob at about 3 months, he is a big boy compared to pics from the summer. Pretty sure in a year or two he will be carrying Mommy around.

Pretty sure this picture is going to stay on file to throughly humiliate Jacob when he is older.

Never Fails! Once he is clean he immideiatly spits up or Pees, cause really boys have to always be messy!
Sleep time!

Last Wednesday Jacob had his 4 month Doctor's appt; we are happy to report that he is doing excellent! The Doctor gave us he go ahead to start him on more solid foods, and Jacob was even a good boy after he got 3 shots!!!! Currently he weighs 17.8lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long...and is in the 90th percentile! Yes for those wondering, that was 4 1/2 Lbs & 3 inches in just 2 months... haha Can you say starting tightend for the UCLA bruins? Maybe then they wont be as aweful!!!