Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Demo in progress!!!

Ty Pennington you have nothing on this ; ) ( words of James)

So here is a little tour of the Demolition.
Wow I'm really out of breath!
Yes , I'm wearing a mask while I'm walking around:)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our New House!

So we got the house, they excepted our offer,now what's next!!! A WHOLE lot of work!
Here are pics from our final walk through. The house is in a cul-da-sac and we love it. As you see from the pictures there are things to be changed... #1.. the paint color!!! ;)
As we put our TLC into it, enjoy the photos of the"makeover".

Our House ; )

front enterance

Fireplace in living room

Entrance from living room into Dining room/ Kitchen area

Tile through out the dining room and Kitchen


Half of the dining room from inside the kitchen

Other half of dining room from inside kitchen

1/2 bath downstairs

Dont you just love that Medieval light fixture? ; ( Yuck

Full bath at top of stairs

Check out that 80's Oak cabinetry!

The Master bedroom across the hall from Full bath

Who ever said these colors looked cool?

Hallway of closets into the sink area and 1/2 bathroom

Shower and toilet at end of hallway from inside Master bedroom

Hallway out of master into the 3 other bedrooms

New windows in the whole house!

Cosets and ceiling fans in every room!

Patio covering under back door

2nd patio covering on other side of house .

Side rod iron gates

Other side of house

Inside Garage . Work bench and Cabinets. coming out!

James found this piece of a football helmet lying around in the backyard

so of course I had to snap a shot!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My turn to pose :)

For the past 10 years I've been the photographer on the other side of the camera to take maternity photos of my clients or closest friends. Now it is my turn to be the "model". Reversing the roles was definetly a change.
Being 38 weeks pregnant, I didn't really feel my "best" but it was still very important to me to document this special moment in our life . James was working away on our new house so he couldn't be in these photos. But, If you know me,I will do many photo shoots when Jacob arrives. :)
Yesterday, I had my weekly Dr. appt and he says that Jacob hasn't dropped. This was (kind of) good news for daddy. He has been working everyday to get the house all ready for his arrival. We'll see what happens at next weeks appointment. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Been Showered with Love!

On, June 6th my sister, Shannon, hosted a baby shower at her house. She and my mom decorated the house very cute including all the baby themed items to go with it: ) There were about 20 family memebers and friends there and everything was fabulous. It was so great to see everyone and catch up. We apprecaite all that you gave us to help us raise our baby boy!
He's going to the" best dressed" on the block ! :)

Me & My mom

Me & Grandma Krause- She drew this picture.

Brenda & Beverly - Ultrasound of Jacob!

We love our baby boy! ; )

James as a baby in the bath tub

( My other prego friend Gia-due about a weeks after me , Me , and my sis-in-law Joni ( prego with Twins- due in January)
Stephanie & Amy
( swollen feet) :) ; (