Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Ticket I made my Dad)

For Father's Day this year,Stephanie, James & I gave my dad tickets to a
UCLA football game vs San Diego State. Once September 5th finally rolled around,
we head out to Pasadena.
(Grandma Shoshi watch Jacob ; )) Maybe next time he can come with us ; )
As we arrived to the Rose bowl we waited in the lengthy line to get a parking place.
Goodness.. we might as well just walked from home. ; ( ; ) LOL
Anyways once we got in and grabbed our seas,t we had a great time ! After the 1st quarter we were kind of nervous because SDSU was in the lead. BUT of course, UCLA pulled through and won the game 34-14!

During 1/2 time there were two local Pop Warner football team of 7 & 8 year olds that had the privilege to play a 4 play game at the Rose bowl. The teams were UCLA and an "unnamed team from Whittier " ( as the announcer called them)( USC).
These kids were so eager to take the field. Let me tell you,watching them was a little more fun than the real game ;)
Also seeing these kids play,made James that more excited for Jacob to play football ; )
All the kids on the field eager to play their game : )

Of course the team UCLA won after scoring 2 touch downs!
This was the cutest thing ever!

Dad reppin' UCLA!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Oh the faces of Jacob ;)

Through out the day as I'm feeding, changing diapers and working in my office, I love to photograph Jacob and his different facial expressions. He is such a good boy .
I love to watch as he learns new things every day.

Jacob loves to look out the window when I'm changing him. He also like to smile at
his little teddy bear friend too!

He loves his mommy!! ; ) I had to get in at one of these shots!

As you can see he likes to lay on his " boppy"

Such a happy boy!

Biiig yawn... " it's a sleepy time"

One of his favorite places to fall asleep! Mommy love to give him kisses!

Back to work mom!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jacob's 1st time swimming!

On Labor Day, we decided to relax and stay home most of the day.
Later in the evening we went over to Uncle Todd's to take a dip in the pool.
We also got to visit with Grandma Debbie,
Great aunt "Bootie",Auntie Joni and Uncle Mike.
It was Jacob's 1st time in a pool ! He does really good with baths but the pool
was a little more intimidating ... and colder!!!
It took some getting used to but once daddy held Jacob
close he seemed to be better with it!

Our handsome little man!


Oscar giving Jacob Kisses : )