Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jacob's first Flight!!!

A childhood friend of mine booked me to photograph her wedding out in Tampa, Florida.
We worked it out that we would make it a business/pleasure family trip.
Jacob had never flown on a plane before nor had mommy and daddy taken an 11 month old on a plane before ; )
We packed all our bags and got everything ready to go.
We left about about 1am in the morning so Jacob slept the whole time on both flights.
Melatonin was a life saver too! Thanks mom for recommending it!
Once we landed we were introduced to the heat and humidity , right away!
I had been there before.. but man... why do people live there? I would want to be inside or in water ALL the time.
Anyway, we drove to Orlando once we got there so we could go to Sea World the following day.
We stayed at a great hotel with a perfect pool for Jacob to play in.
We enjoyed it after taking a much needed nap!

Sea World Day!!!

Already asleep and we hadn't made it to the restaurant yet.

Our happy little man .. ready for breakfast!!
Waiting to touch a sting ray!

We were able to enjoy a lot of the exhibits. Pretty much anything that was inside and air conditioned!

Jacob LOVED the penguins and the Sea otter and Sea Lion Show .

We even let him pet a barracuda.. j/k it's obviously behind glass....
ooooh and the sharks.....He was exhausted by the end of the day. So were mommy & Daddy!

After Sea World we Drove back to Tampa to stay the rest of the time .
The sky on our way to Tampa. Isn't God amazing??

The following day was the rehearsal dinner. We had some time to kill in the beginning of the day so of course we had to go visit the Raymond James Stadium. ( James is a buccaneers fan).

After the drive by of the Stadium we went over to the local mall and had to Jacob a Buccaneers football. :)

Rehearsal dinner was fun. Jacob enjoyed himself. He was so excited watching the little boys dance. Daddy taught him the robot too!

All in all our trip was great. Jacob was such a good boy. He got to see a lot of new things.. including looking out the car window. Yeah he's a big boy now. Front facing Car seat!!!

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