Thursday, June 17, 2010

A lot of Changes

It has been over 6 months since I've blogged and goodness a whole lot has
happened and changed.
Since my last post Jacob because a cousin of twins! Joni ( my sister-in law) had
Riley James and Harper Indiana on January 12. They are growing every day and are constantly photographed with every new facial expression and cute outfit they are put in.
They are so adorable.
Here is a recent picture of them.
For the month of March and April we we so excited to have my brother and his family out here from Germany. They had an event filled month and a half and I fell like it went by too fast. We were able to pick them up from the airport and host them at our house the very first night they were here!. Of that was after the 1st stop at In & Out. Shopping at Target and Costco where next on the list along with getting Mexican food for lunch!.
Jacob has such a great time with his cousins Katie, Aliyah and Noah.

They went to Santa Barbara, stayed in Balboa beach, visited with as many friends and family as they could and were even able to go to Disneyland.
We hosted my brother's 30th birthday at our house. It was a really good time and Jacob misses his cousins so much.

On April 12th, James and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary in Lake Arrowhead Resort . If you have not been there you HAVE to go. We were only able to go up for 1 night but it was so good to have "us" time for that day. I was able to enjoy the Spa and get a massage. We woke up to the snow filled lawn and had a delicious breakfast with a view of the lake.

Stay tuned for more blogs... lots more to post.... so little time!!!

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