Sunday, March 22, 2009

Childhood friends!

Last week I was able to hook up with my old childhood friend Emily.
(I called her Em & she called me E-ca).
She was out visiting from Boston, Mass.
Em & I lived down the street from each other for about 8 years. We met when I was 4 and she was 3. Our moms met at a Bible study and we were friends ever since. We used to hang out all the time and play with our Cabbage Patch Kids and watch Wizard of Oz ... enough until we memorized it ; ).
We liked to play dress up a lot . One time we stuffed our Pjs with pillows to pretend like we were pregnant!
Her mom dug out these photos to show us how silly ( and cute) we were!

Em moved when we were in elementary school to Chino Hills. It just seemed so far at that age to have your best friend who was only walking distance from home, move away.
As the years went on through Jr. High , High school and college , we still have managed to keep in touch.

Now at 29 & 30 years old, Em and I are both married and both pregnant! Now our days of "pretending" are true. Although this is Emily's 4th child and my 1st!
Here are some of the pics we took together!

Emily- Final score-3 girls, 1 boy ** Erica- 1 boy (s0 far)

My most recent "belly" photo. I'm 24 weeks !
It was great catching up and reminising with an old friend.
Hope we get to do it again some time.