Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow it was HOT!!!

Back in September, James, Jacob and I along with Joni , Michael and the twins got the opportunity to stay out in Parker , AZ .
Jacob,the twins, Michael and I got to meet James and Joni's dad (Dan) for the first time along with his wife( Sharon) and their aunt Melanie and uncle Bill.
WOW was it HOT!!!
We sent a lot of time just talking and catching up .
Of course we enjoyed the cool, refreshing pool as much as possible.
Melanie and Bill were very sweet to open there beautiful home to us
to come to every day and relax and enjoy the time together.

Dan and James
Michael & Riley cooling off

Jacob just loved that bell.

Harper and Melanie

Me and Joni (sister-in-law)!

Motorcycle rides with Daddy!

Bill and Harper

Gotta keep hydrated!

The view from the back yard of Melanie and Bill's house

Jacob and G-pa Dan

Taking a dip with mama!

Watching all the boats go by. Vrrooommmm!

Dan & Sharon

Kisses... ;)

The guys...

Out side Melanie and Bills house

Dan & Sharon's RV

James's Birthday cake. It was so good!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Growing boy!!!

Jacob is now 14 months old and he has accomplished so many things this past month.
We are so excited to say that he is walking now! A few steps here and there as turned into a marathon around the house ( this marathon includes mommy and daddy running with him ; ))
He is learning more words as the weeks go by.
" This, That and Daisy".. are some of the most recent.

Lately he's been petting mommy's stomach saying hello to "brother".
He's going to be such a great BIG BROTHER!

How BIG is Jacob??


( Couldn't resist)

He just knows how to pose for mommy,
and cooperates so well.....



Ok .. most of the time ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple + caramel = Scrumdidiliumcious!!

My sister, Shannon, and I took our sons up to OAK GLEN- Riley's Apple Farm.
It was such beautiful day and the boys seemed to really enjoy them selves.
Jacob was a little fussy for part of the time but all and all it was a new adventure for sure.

Josiah's silly faces!

We went to the Colonial part of the farm where there were children on a field trip to learn about 18th Century America . It was so cool . We all got to enjoy the war reenactment they put on with the school kids. The boys really liked the guns that were being shot off.
Jacob especially liked the guy playing the drum.

I LOVE this shot... it was such a beautiful day!

There were some quaint picnic benches were we enjoyed out lunch before we walked over to the apple orchards to pick the delicious apples.

Jacob was exhausted by this point.. if you want tell.. ; )

Jacob is so excited to walk! After the picking we stopped by the bakery and had to enjoy a caramel apple and chocolate chip cookie to complete our trip.