Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Wagon.

Wow a lot has happened since I last posted a blog. If I didn’t HAVE to sleep I would be able to post a lot more and get a lot more done! ;)
But sleep is very much a necessity at this point in my life.

As we’ve been preparing for the arrival of our precious baby boy, Jacob Mitchell, we picked out our new family car; a car that actually fits a baby seat. The car seat just wasn’t going fit in our Mini Cooper nor does it fit with James & me in the Honda. So back in April, we sold the Mini Cooper and are very happy with her new owner. A dad bought it for his daughter’s 18th B-day present. She was very excited when they came to pick it up!

In the mean time our friend Nick was very generous to let us borrow his “hoopty” for a couple weeks until we found the “right” car for us! If you know James, he researched and searched for the best car and price range for our “budget” and our family’s needs! After wheeling and dealing with the car salesman we walked off the car lot with a Red 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8. Now only you car buffs even know what SRT8 even means. Trust me.. I’ve learned through out the years the meaning of a lot of “car” stuff. Oh it has a HEMI too. I just know that that means MORE POWER!!!!
James and our friend Kris took the car on a little photo shoot! Here are some of the pictures that were taken.

I am in my 38th week now. We already have the baby seat strapped in tight in the back seat ready to go. Baby Jacob, daddy is ready to take you on your first car ride ;)

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D Bowler said...

mmmmm....!!! Hemi! SRT8, 6.0L of Mopar love! *drools*
Ever see the Dodge commerial with the Dad holding his little son and showing him the engine? He tells his kid, "this is a Hemi, can you say Hemi?" and in a cute response, the kid says "HEMI!"
Soooo cute!