Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jacob is 1 month !!

It's crazy to think that it's already been one month since our handsome baby boy was born.
Jacob is doing really good. He's a growing baby boy ; ).
He does everything a baby should do ; eat , pee, poop, sleep and melt our hearts every
time we look into his precious blue eyes!
Just 1 month ago we were sitting in the hospital with the expectation of our lives
changing over night, and boy has it changed.

Today Jacob & I experienced our 1st beach trip to Balboa Beach with Grandma Shoshi ( Rose),
Auntie Shannon and Cousin Josiah.

We had so much fun. We walked around the town and then rode the ferry across the water and hung out on the beach for a while. We had a really good time, Josiah played in the sand as
Baby Jacob slept and enjoyed the ocean breeze! ; )

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