Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working Bees!

We have been so blessed through out our whole renovation.
We've had so many people volunteer their time to help us out.
We can not thank you all enough for all of your help.
With packing, moving, scrapping, cleaning, painting, more scrapping,
taking off ugly wallpaper, stripping cabinets, hanging,hosing,
raking, installing, moving, unpacking...
the list just goes on and on!

Here are photos of the working bees in action.

Photos aren't in chronological order


Debbie working on scrapping wall paper

Todd- The celing scrapping/sanding maniac

Proud Sponsor of the DEGRADO RENOVATION!! ;)

Eating my Chicken Sandwich with my feet up.

Josiah helping momma clean ; )

My mom lining the cabinets

Joni showing her jazz hands. Thanks for pulling up the carpet and lining the cabinets!

Jade & James hooking up his Fathers Day present. You know that was a MUST :)

More stripping of the cabinets

It's coming along..

I think the paint fumes were getting to him by then ;)

Me & my mask again!

This renovation is brought to you by BEHR painting supplies ;)

Alex primering the ceiling

My mom primering the baby's room

Mike primering the baby's room. Sorry the fumes got you high!; )

Shannon sanding.. strike a pose ;)

Luis starting the paint on the baby's room!

Stephanie the "Painter woman" ; )

Mom touching up baby's room!

Mike taking a water break!

James rocking out to some tunes!

Mike cleaning up the planter!

Shannon raking!

Me ..Trip #23 to Home Depot!! We should have stock in Home Depot by now!

All walls are now textured! Ready for primer & paint!
Installing the ceiling fan! What a pain int he butt that was!
More primer!!

Gotta be safe with the mask!

Aaron sanding closet doors!

Debbie cleaning up !

The progression! It's getting slowly better!

More sanding of the cabinets!

A lot of late nights!

WoW Kris is sanding.. impressive!!

Our lovely cooler with drinks for all the workers!

Food to keep them going!

Getting ready to install one of the new doors!
Jade stripping.. Cabinets that is!!

Break time!!

Can you guess who this is?

Shannon pulling off that "lovely" wall paper! again!

Aaron scrapping the celings!

James scrapping.. notice he doesn't even need a ladder: )

The Scrapping Posse

The prego one checking things out! ;)

What a mess but all worth it!

So far so good!

I pulled off wall paper.. as long as I could stand and stand it

James , Debbie & Jade.. more wall paper to take off!

Marty helping with the moving

More moving!

Nick - our moving machine!

Dayna- painting cabinet. Thanks! Also thanks Melissa for your help too!

Aaron -painting the guest room

Thank you also Marty for painting the guest room!

( Even though James gave you the wrong paint color :))

Shannon - BIG SMILE as she paints!!

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Anonymous said...

Id like to mention that i gave Marty the ONLY color that we had... LOL i was told that the paint on the counter was the paint... so i trusted my wife and blindly gave it to him... Now i know to question everything she tells me... LOL