Friday, January 30, 2009

Shy baby!

On Monday, Jan. 26, I had a scheduled ultrasound. This was to determine the size and measurements of the baby . At the end of the ultrasound I asked to see if we could figure out the sex; the nurse tried but couldn't tell, he/she had it's back to us. We could only see the back of the head, back and little butt... ;) I guess we have a shy baby : 0 ); either that or it was sleeping!

Guess we'll have to wait. We did get all the pictures printed out of the baby though. I really just wanted one picutre for me to update my collection. They ended up giving me 3- 8 x 10 pages of all the pictures they had just taken. Not what I expected, but very blessed to get it. It was kinda hard to tell what the pictures were of but it is still neat to have.

I guess we can say this was the baby's first photo session. ( Of many ; ))

A couple days later I had another Dr. appt. Had the normal blood test, got measured and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. I wish I could hear it all day long!
I started to feel the baby move a couple weeks ago. For all you mom's out there, you know how amazing this feeling is. At first I wasn't sure if it was gas or the baby... ;) I'm now 17 weeks pregnant! Only 24 weeks to go ( as the Dr. reminded me after he measured me).

So you dont feel like there is nothing to see here... I present a picture of my husdands new shirt. He is so cute!!! I heart Him!

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