Friday, December 19, 2008


As the Christmas season is here, James and I decided to have our "1st annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!" Little did I know, that these parties have been pretty popular for the past couple years! I went on-line to see if I could get any ideas and I found an actual website made especially for these parties.
Seriously?? Seriously! Check it out.
Anyways.. there are a lot of different sites you can buy or sell ugly sweaters.
There are the funniest pictures of what people came up with!

Here are my ugly decorations!

Gotta have the puffy paint stockings!

Of course I took a million picuters of everybody that came to our party. So I have posted them for you all to enjoy. We had a contest for the "ugliest or most creative outfit".
You be the judge... Who do you think should win??

Erica & Baby
Daddy James
So vote and let me know!
I have a few more pics of the rest of the night that will be posted later.
I just wanted to get these up for you all to see!
Our friends Kris & Jade came too, didn't really dress up, but they were excused because
Jade made 2 amazing desserts!
Thanks Jade!


Jessikah said...

Im pretty sure Steph won, turtle neck does it for me :) lol looks like lots of fun!!

itsjustme said...

I vote for JANNA. Her 80's heels, poofy hair and that wreath necklace do it for me! WINNER!!!!

The Kreitzer's said...

I'm voting for Janna. If I don't she'll kill me. :)