Friday, December 11, 2009

Lots to be Thankful For!

This year was our second year of hosting Thanksgiving, but our 1st year hosting it in our new house! This year we celebrated it with the DeGrado/Krause family. We had about 17 people there and had a great time eating ,eating and eating and playing games. I heard that T-Roy took all the winnings home. Everyone seemed to have a great time and had plenty to eat!

Jacob made his first Thanksgiving cards. They were the place settings for the meal!

The day after Thanksgiving we drove to visit Auntie Stephanie at her new apartment in Imperial Beach, (San Diego). The rest of the Roper clan was down there and we had a great time walking around the town. She lives in such a cute area.
Here are some pics from our walk!

Sisters.. and Jacob: )

Jacobs 1st time to San Diego!!!
" I want to touch the sky daddy" :)

Josiah is getting so big!!

Crazy Roper Clan!!

Checking out the Christmas decorations in the city.

Posing with Grandma Shoshi and Papa "Ciff"

Look familiar to any body?? What movie comes to mind??

He makes us all smile! ; )

I'm really really really ridiculously good looking !!! ; )

This year has been very eventful and simply "marvelous darlin' " and we are thankful for so much. Our family and freinds are such a blessing to us and we couldn't ask for anything more!

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