Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Ticket I made my Dad)

For Father's Day this year,Stephanie, James & I gave my dad tickets to a
UCLA football game vs San Diego State. Once September 5th finally rolled around,
we head out to Pasadena.
(Grandma Shoshi watch Jacob ; )) Maybe next time he can come with us ; )
As we arrived to the Rose bowl we waited in the lengthy line to get a parking place.
Goodness.. we might as well just walked from home. ; ( ; ) LOL
Anyways once we got in and grabbed our seas,t we had a great time ! After the 1st quarter we were kind of nervous because SDSU was in the lead. BUT of course, UCLA pulled through and won the game 34-14!

During 1/2 time there were two local Pop Warner football team of 7 & 8 year olds that had the privilege to play a 4 play game at the Rose bowl. The teams were UCLA and an "unnamed team from Whittier " ( as the announcer called them)( USC).
These kids were so eager to take the field. Let me tell you,watching them was a little more fun than the real game ;)
Also seeing these kids play,made James that more excited for Jacob to play football ; )
All the kids on the field eager to play their game : )

Of course the team UCLA won after scoring 2 touch downs!
This was the cutest thing ever!

Dad reppin' UCLA!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

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