Friday, February 13, 2009


James and I have been so anxious to find out what we are having. As you already read below, we went to a scheduled ultrasound and the baby was not cooperating; ) My friend, Janna, had recommended a place she went to to find out the sex of her baby. So we made the first available appointment on Valentines day.
Knowing that we had that appointment, I prepared my valentines day present for James. I went down to "Build a Bear " and bought the recording devise that you can put in the bear that we planned to make once we found out the sex. I went to Janna's house who had a heartbeat monitor and I recorded the baby's heartbeat on the recording devise for the " Build a Bear" . On Valentines morning I wrapped up the devise in a V- present for DADDY! ; ) He loved it and thought it was coolest present. ;)
We eagerly drove over to "Prenatal Peek". We walked into the ultrasound room, where they had a plush lazy boy for me to sit , or shall I say, lay back in. There was a huge couch for the husband or family to sit on along with a 50" TV where we watched the ultrasound. There was music playing throughout the whole 20 minutes session. We found out within 2 minutes that we are having a BOY! We were so excited to hear the news. ( Janna & Shannon you were right; )) It was the most amazing experience. At the end we got 4 black/white and 4- color photos along with a CD with all the photos taken and a DVD of the whole session.
Here are some of the pictures we received.
I love how it looks like he's praying!

Aftert the pretnal peek we drove to Downtown Disney to go to the "Build a Bear Workshop".
After the 20 minute wait to get in the workshop we finally built our...... Elephant.
That was James' choice of course , but it turned out really cute!

We are now excited to get started on the baby room and find all the cute outfits... and shoes... and hat... and so on ;)

Please being praying for Baby DeGrado as he conitunes to grow.

We pray that you had a happy day. We love you!

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